Texdora was born due to an inane urge to make authoring tools simple yet assimilate all the kung-fu of structured authoring, stable formatting, real-time collaborative review, one-click multi channel publishing and no nonsense document security. We wanted to do away with hours of pre and post production work and help writers perform their key task to write.

Texdora is the answer to a real life scenario where we faced the challenge of bringing together more than hundred writers and engineers spread all over the planet to contribute on a single book. None of the available authoring solutions quite met our needs and so we decided to create an authoring tool that would help us do all of the things we wanted and much more.

With Texdora, we hope to provide an experience to writers, which is free of all tedious labor required to create documentation regardless of the industry. The sole objective of Texdora is to make writing a pleasure yet bring together the benefits of a mature authoring environment.