Texdora is fully equipped to cater to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by providing a robust security system, an integrated workflow, and real time collaborative review system. Texdora can be easily configured to meet the business process requirements of this industry. Using the Texdora workflow and review systems, companies can easily get approvals and track documents as they flow from one department to the next. The security and administration module ensures that documents are accessible to employees with appropriate permissions only.

Higher Education

The collaborative feature of Texdora finds a perfect fit in the higher education sector. Academicians and professors can collaborate on projects even when located in geographically disparate places. In classrooms, Texdora canvas can be used to replace text editors that lack built-in version control, integrated publishing modules, and dashboards. Using the multi-channel publishing module, universities can publish books, manuals, journals, and other knowledge products in multiple formats (PDF, Word, HTML) and for multiple devices, such as smartphone, tablets, and eReaders, such as Kindle.

Information Technology

Texdora is custom built for IT. From single-sourcing to a tightly integrated collaborative review system, Texdora provides an all-in-one solution for technical writers and content owners.


Texdora IT solutions for public sector agencies and organizations are enterprise-ready and flexible to address the most pressing, real-world needs of government agencies, large or small, with on-premises technology. Texdora products are optimized cost reduction and transparency.

Texdora desktop optimization solutions can help you streamline management of your PC and device infrastructure and improve compliance, security, and productivity. Desktop optimization solutions can transform your agency infrastructure into a strategic asset while helping to protect government data and citizen privacy with enhanced defenses and controls.